Jesus' Helpers' Office

Welcome to our site

Working to do God's will on earth as in heaven (as seen in Jesus' life). 


You can contact Jesus’ Helpers’ Office (in Sydney, Australia) on:

Phone: 0416 1855 08.


Post: C/- Jesus' Helpers' Office, GPO Box 783 Sydney 2001.

ABN 40 523 944 773

Jesus' Helpers' Office:


(No personal information shared with us is disclosed)·         How does someone make a donation:  by cheque, direct deposit or via donation page

·         Confirmation:  via Eway

·         Can the donation be claimed as a tax deduction:  no.

·         What is the donation for and what is funding?  For work of general function of all work as needed.

·        None of  donations will be used for Jesus' Governing Party until registered.

·         Terms and conditions of donations:  trusting God!


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