Jesus' Helpers' Office

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This is part of the function of the Body of Christ:  Jesus' representatives here on earth (who are sons and daughters of God, led by his spirit (to do this)).

Jesus' Governing Party (with Jesus' Helpers' Office work) is presently using JESUS' Advocacy International (solicitors) as its point of connection:  


 Robert at 0416 1855 08 

or  Jesus’ Governing Party GPO Box 783 Sydney 2001 (Australia)


Trading under Australian Business Number: ABN 40 523 944 773

Taking up cross daily and following Jesus, trusting his resurrection to continue process, until ascension ... for his pleasure (now and always!), by grace.


    • What will the donations be used for?

      • It is hoped to have staff in al areas of Jesus’ Helpers’ Office (eventually)

      • Until then, some remuneration of (in essence) volunteers is hoped for

      • Accompanied by coverage of general expenses

    • Privacy Policy including:

      • What information do you collect from customers?

        • Only what comes through in donation processes

      • What do you use this information for?

        • Nothing

      • Do you pass this on to any third parties? 

        • No

    • Payment Policy including:

      • What happens after payment is made? (eg. is the customer emailed a confirmation or receipt?) 

        • God willing, will send receipt (as enable)

        • Monies will remain in general Society Account until needed!

    • Refund Policy including:

      • What happens if the customer wishes to withdraw a donation?

        • If donation can be rightly confirmed, refund sent (as enabled)

      • What happens if they donated the wrong amount? (eg. $100 instead of $10)

        • Again, once confirmed, refunded!

      • Policy will need to show that you will abide by Australian Consumer Law in the instance of major faults

        • God willing will-so-do!



u Tube recordings:

JESUS' Helpers' Office on U Tube: 

キ                                      GOD'S Beautiful Family English School:

キ                                      Jesus' Advocacy International:

キ                                      Jesus' Governing Party:

キ                                      Jesus' Helpers' Office introduction:

キ                                      Jesus' HO overall ministries summarized 28 January 2013:


Send cheques or money orders, or via Direct Deposits (or via any branch of relevant bank):

JESUS' Helpers' Office Society Account: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, St James 202110564160 (BSB 062-021 Account number 1056 4160 Account title ROBERT GEORGE CHRISTIE ITF JESUSf HELPERSf OFFICE)

Your membership's welcome!

Just email/phone ... start something similar then connect, if God so-directs.

Work as part of Jesus' Church, serving his kingdom until unified with him.

You're welcome to connect here!

In Jesus' love,


0418185508 (Australia)  

GPO Box 783 Sydney 



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