Jesus' Helpers' Office

Governing Party   
Principles and Policies:   
(Election ‘platform’   
I will not rest, until the righteousness   
thereof go forth as brightness and the   
salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.   
And the gentiles shall see thy   
righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and   
thou shalt be called by a new name.   
In Summary:		

It will provide that style of government that demonstrates and presents to the community it is in, for their consumption, the fruit of: patient, gentle, compassionate, kind, truthful, gracious, joyful, peaceful, charitable, faithful, etc. government. It will endeavour to exhibit, in government, as far as possible (with GOD’S help) all of Jesus’ qualities.

This part of the body of Christ is a function of Jesus’ Helpers’ Office (which in turn, is also part of the body of Christ). (As can be seen by the Jesus’ Helpers’ Office Information Sheet, it is not part of any present established church institution, avoiding the potential conflict between church and state. Here, the issues become accepting Jesus’ way, or not: not the acceptance or rejection of any particular denomination(s).) That is, this activity cannot be separated from the context of the believer’s complete giving; to crucifixion: their total commitment to the life of Christ in them: it is not an isolated political commitment in its own right. In essence, it will present Jesus, not a politician or person (or even itself) other than him, as he is: his character, his values and desire for his world.

In short: this available as a part of the commitment of all believers in their total life’s commitment; to God’s work incarnate in them (GOD in coming to dwell in their world, in them and through them). That is: GOD revealed to our world, in us, as He was in Jesus: in ourselves. As in Jesus’ life (and was expressed by the apostle Paul and others) so too, this presence of GOD also is allowed to dwell in us and our world also.


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