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Faith Economics

This is a new economics based on faith in Gods provision that in turn is based on Gods directions concerning economics as personified in Jesuslife.

It is based on choosing to work for God as opposed to working for money: trusting God for his provision.

A new economics, Jesus' faith Economics, providing services (as did Jesus) trusting God’s provision (as did Jesus): Jesus’ life economics. For example: an area of work that is particularly open to expansion into other ‘services’ is that of Legal assistance (Jesus’ Advocacy International): these services utilise skills demanded in our present cultural values, for the very activity in these areas (covering licensing requirements). That is, there is opportunity to carry out secularly credential needing tasks in a different spirit to that often confronted in our present world system: being in the world, but not of it. That is, the principles that facilitate this endeavour (as part of the Body of Christ) could be applied to other areas of human shared existence, such as plumbing, health services, electrical services provision, etc. These would be in a new realm of economics: where money was not loved, but GOD is GOD. Nor is the service of pre-eminence, but the life of Christ in us: shown by Jesus. Trusting in God’s provision: by faith.

It could be expressed as feet washing. Christ died for us (the Godly for the UN-Godly): so, serving unrepentant sinners who will not oppose our crucifixion, but rather acquiesce seems an expected experience.


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