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This is a service that centres on reconciliation through Jesus. It acknowledges Jesus as the faithful one (who we are called to follow (even in faithfulness)). It also reminds us of the call to suffer one another, and love one another (that is: Christians). It reminds us of the call of the suffering servant to follow (and share in) his suffering. In Jesus we connect with the fullness of giving in forgiving and compassion that God has and intended for us. It re-examines Jesus' forgiveness, mercy and patience: his truth in love.

It is not a system of this world, but acknowledges our presence in the present world (and its systems (including religious institutions)). That is, it addresses the present methods used, with their problems and compares these to God's plan of salvation (through the fulfillment of the Christ-life in us all).

In short it is the application of the principles of the body of Christ to our conflicts in a fallen world and our transforming bodies, minds and souls: his purity, gentleness, loving-kindness.

To ignore the need for Israel and all people's everywhere to be reconciled to their husband and Father in Heaven; their creator God, would be to work against the very principles an which this endeavour is based and in fact on the way we are created. That is, there must be an acknowledgement of our rebellion against God and his desire as members of this earth to play our fair share in his reconciliation play as it incorporates him t Israel and in fact to all creation.


You can contact Jesus’ Helpers’ Office (in Sydney, Australia) on:

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Post: C/- Jesus' Helpers' Office, GPO Box 783 Sydney 2001.


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