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Events:  Committee formation!  Interested? (Becoming quite needed!)

Open to eny interested in any matters connected with Jesus' Helpers' Office or the over-all work, to join in its functions. Initially contact Robert at 0416 1855 08,, GPO Box 783 Sydney Australia NSW 2001


After 15 yrs in law, focus now moving to reconciliation of those with other faiths:  studies in Theology with Islamic emphasis (at this time) occurring.


Also looking at health, with accompanying studies.  In essence, this will include mental health with criminal law connections.

Would like to consider election possibilities for Jesus' Govrnng Party late 2021.



All involvement needs to as not acknowledge the truth of this establishment: Jesus' in us. That is, this is not about us, it's about Jesus' coming alive in our world, through us. This may consist of continuation in present involvements, even as they may pertain to current work.

That is, there needs to be a sense of using of one's gift specifically in a part of Jesus' Helpers' Office, and that this is part of one's work as part of the work of the body of Christ. There needs to be a sensitivity to Jesus' work in our world over-all and the part we may play in our involvement in JESUS' Helpers' Office in that over-all work.

Thus, may the holy spirit guide your offer of assistance in any area. JESUS' Helpers' Office is not restricted by any copyright limitations, so any of its documents an be used and abused just as the good book is: allowing for copying and usage as best (hopefully) for all GOD'S creation. In the hope there will be a sense of desire to please GOD in all usage endeavours. This may include, but not exclude:

  • Using your gifts in administration to assist Jesus' Helpers' Office (one one of its ministries;

  • Establishing the teaching of a program of the 7 levels of GOD'S Beautiful Family English School (that can be copied from website (at a local area where would be appreciated by international students perhaps);

  • Using your GOD-given capacities as a lawyer or para legal in JESUS' Advocacy International (full or part time);

  • Incorporating your skills as a plumber or electrician or whatever, in working as per JESUS' Faith Economics (and perhaps acknowledging same as part of work);

  • As part of the endeavour of JESUS' Governing Party, attending coming conference in September 2013 and or offering involvement in supportive work necessary to present JESUS' Governing Party for an election option in next Federal Elections (after September 2013);

  • If one has a sense of GOD'S gift of healing, then offering to participate in offering this gift as part of JESUS' Health Reconciliation service;

  • If one has had some experience of or longing for peoples of other cultures and faith backgrounds, then endeavoring to utilize that as part of JESUS' Family's Reconciliation;

  • Set up a Jesus' Junior Youth program by copying and adapting to own context (see JESUS' Purified Children): can be used for anyone (under 50's!);

  • Working for the GOD of reconciliation through Jesus' Reconciliation Counselling exploits in your world (blessed are the peace makers!);

  • Praying for the work of JESUS' Helpers' Office and its perfect blending with the body of Christ;

  • Donating (as GOD directs);

  • etc,


Send cheques or money orders (GPO Box 783 Sydney), or via Direct Deposits (or via any branch of relevant bank):

JESUS' Helpers' Office Trust Account: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, St James 202110564160 (BSB 062-021 Account number 1056 4160 Account title ROBERT GEORGE CHRISTIE ITF JESUSf HELPERSf OFFICE)

Minutes from 4 October conference:






4 October 2013

(Held at 3 Spring St Sydney.)

Longer Minutes:

After prayer opening: introductions and relevant historical points were shared. Mr Roy Williams (Roy), book writer, acknowledged the contributions, of significance, of both Catholic and Protestant Prime Ministers (as well of those not necessarily so religiously aligned) in their neutralising the schools funding debate (re Catholic schools) and its connection with the principle of church and state. It being also noted that this church state dynamic is often attempted to be miss-used in many communal submissions that are quite clearly against (even) any contemplations that connect one's beliefs with government (while inflicting their own beliefs on all others). That is, the church, state, separation issue is for the protection of one's beliefs (tolerance) not their crushing (their over powering (by the state)).

The conference in fact commenced with an acknowledgement by Roy and another attender, regarding they or their family's immigration to Australia, for a better life: this was followed by a discussion of the immigration programmes, most strongly supported by Chifley (Catholic) and Menzies (Protestant), who were noted by Roy as most sincere Christian Prime Ministers.

Roy then went on to discuss his law experiences (20ys as a Partner in a large (prosperous) Sydney law firm), conveying his concern at the noticeable changes in legal practice generally: from law being dominated by Christian gentlemen, with communal work ethics, who saw their work as entailing community responsibility-fulfilment, dominated by Christian values, to becoming people of businesses, for (maximum) economic gain. In essence, the movement from (working, professional, communal) lives of service (helping others (with God-endowed skills)) toward diligent) exploitation (of skills) for maximisation of gain there-from. The result is less-rounded (balanced) people, with pressured work-lives, void of loyalties, charity and Christian-duty (as communal citizen).

The power of government to influence national trends (even in law) was further shared by Roy: 17 of our 24 Prime Ministers have been genuine believers (in his opinion), often in-appreciated (as such) nationally. Dickson was particularly such a one, who had expressed his desire that Australia (nationally) would exhibit the fulfilment of the Lord's Prayer, including that God's will would be dome (here (in Australia)) on earth, as in heaven. (Much additionally was covered by Roy and connecting with the development in government, of the spirit of the national character (see his book(s) relating to this). The embodiment of law with this dominant spirit, as seen in government oversight, was thus noted duly and this has been itself commented by those in law's realm, including in the writings of many of key present influence in law.

That spirit in law, where dominion of business-project-management styles, as opposed to provision of (communal) service in conflict resolution, for optimum communal benefits, was thus given further consideration by those present. The need to wrestle against subtle, erroneous dominions, so as to enable law to fulfil its due function was thus acknowledged.

There was further consensus among those present, that, in essence, there could (upon study) be seen, that our laws (and in fact the most effective legal systems) were parcelled in the Christian faith. This was acknowledged, while meekly and respectfully acknowledging that foundational truth, in love, to those (as yet) of other belief systems was necessary: to be incorporated in this analysis (while not diluting truth).

The significance of the contribution of the rule of law (as opposed to the allowance of unfettered other dominions (regardless of their power)) was then aired: in essence, it being discussed as being of greater impact in communal peace, harmony and communal life than (even) democracy itself. Discussion on the importance of due process then occurred: the need for a system of justice (and adherence to that system (in spirit and in truth (Jesus' spirit, not greed's spirit))). However, there was intimation that the rule of law in the wrong spirit could cause it to become oppressive, nugatory toward justice and degrading in influence in its (very) presence in a community.

Thus, there needing to be clarity of precision in analysis of beneficial practices in law. A former DPP lawyer (non-attender, yet interested) commented on the function of prophetic roles in Biblical legal history: often to keep law on-track and from diverse sociological places of varying status in a community. (This would imply the equivalent to a person of Christian persuasion of necessity being salt and light in whatever place they found themselves in the community (of law).)


(The conference' intention was: to demonstrate that in fact this is where the perfect tradesman (artist) in law, needs to show the apprentices of the world (all those seeking the perfection of the application of this rule of law) the fulfilment, of the intended benefits, of the art of this trade. There being general consensus, in spirit, at the conference, that the tradesman (artist (lawyer (advocate))) who was the optimal teacher re the rule of law's optimal practical communal benefits, was truly (only) Jesus himself. With the following conclusion that if we (in law) desired to impart that benefit intended by the rue of law (as imparted by Moses), we would need to practice it in the same spirit (as citizens of the kingdom of those of Jesus' spirit).)

It was generally acknowledged that this consensus concerning Jesus, incorporates an ultimate concern for every individual, in the context of truth's pre-eminence (the sharing of truth in love (neglecting neither (truth nor love))). This, in practical terms, in this (and similar communities) has then led to the specific constitutional incorporation of freedoms connecting with religious beliefs: this concluding the circle back to government (and law's involvement).

(That is, for law to be communally (and individually) effective, all three need to work in unity (in the same spirit): JESUS, law, government (separation will result in dysfunctional laws (and dysfunctional government (acquiescence to the spirit of Jesus is essential))).)

(This minute has significantly reduced scope of discussions: it is hoped to re-offer the conference in 2 years: around Friday 3rd of October 2015.)

It is hoped to be part of coordinating a delegation of lawyers (and wives, friends, children �) for a trip to Israel in 2014 (Roy expressed keenness!): visiting key places (of significance (to law government Jesus) and seeking consultations (re law government Jesus) as the good Lord enables: expressions of interests initially to Robert Christie (0416 1855 08 or or write GPO Box 783 Sydney Australia).




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