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(Considering election possibilites for late 2021!)

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Jesus’ Governing Party: this is a party in formation; not ashamed of Jesus and committed to overcoming all man’s errors, Jesus’ way; through the mechanisms of political systems presently available to us in our system of government.

That is, it is committed to providing people everywhere this opportunity: to select such government, within the limits of their own free will decision’s: expressed in their electoral system. And, within the limits of present electoral systems: to adequately allow such an expression and involvement by its citizens.

It will provide that style of government that demonstrates and presents to the community it is in, for their consumption, the fruit of: patient, gentle, compassionate, kind, truthful, gracious, joyful, peaceful, charitable, faithful, etc. government. It will endeavour to exhibit, in government, as far as possible (with GOD’S help) all of Jesus’ qualities.

This part of the body of Christ is a function of Jesus’ Helpers’ Office (which in turn, is also part of the body of Christ). (As can be seen by the Jesus’ Helpers’ Office Information Sheet, it is not part of any present established church institution, avoiding the potential conflict between church and state. Here, the issues become accepting Jesus’ way, or not: not the acceptance or rejection of any particular denomination(s).) That is, this activity cannot be separated from the context of the believer’s complete giving; to crucifixion: their total commitment to the life of Christ in them: it is not an isolated political commitment in its own right. In essence, it will present Jesus, not a politician or person (or even itself) other than him, as he is: his character, his values and desire for his world.

In short: this available as a part of the commitment of all believers in their total life’s commitment; to God’s work incarnate in them (GOD in coming to dwell in their world, in them and through them). That is: GOD revealed to our world, in us, as He was in Jesus: in ourselves. As in Jesus’ life (and was expressed by the apostle Paul and others) so too, this presence of GOD also is allowed to dwell in us and our world also.

This activity will particularly be present in that part of the function of the world that can be referred to as the world of politics; while not being of it, in spirit, or in consequent life style. That is, it will consist of those, who in their having a personal commitment to the life of Christ, see this as having personal application, at this stage of their life, to themselves, in their world.

That is, they see this as a ‘call’ on their lives in their world: to minister the life of Jesus into the world of politics and its impact on their government, in their world. It is a demonstration of their faith commitment generally: one that emphasizes Jesus as being central and in fact the way to resolve all problems arising in this world; as Jesus overcame all problems in his world. Its headship is Jesus and not any system of this world. It allows for all peoples to select this option of government, through political mechanisms currently in place. Thus, in their so doing: allowing for the presence of those in government who are committed to the life of Jesus becoming manifest (in the government/politics of their world in which they have been given the opportunity to vote). That is, while endeavouring to incorporate our developing knowledge, insights and language from other cultures and faiths, with God’s wisdom. Incorporating: the seeking of the global actualization of God’s kingdom’s coming (Jesus’ Return Evangelism). The facilitating of the developing of a global knowledge of God, as revealed through Jesus, by all. In essence, binding Satan in our world, while moving closer to the only demonstrable victor re Satan: Jesus. Eventually moving into a realm where another gospel (another Jesus) is not preached, but Jesus himself reigns. While acknowledging the good God has utilized in religious institutions (and using that) and at his speed, leaving them behind until his Kingdom’s perfected. (And going on to minister to all others, to the degree they have even idolized: The Coptic’s, Orthodox, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah Witnesses, Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventism, the Salvation Army, Pentecostalism, Anglicanism, Lutheranism, the Uniting Church, the Churches of Christ, the Baptists and Presbyterianism (and all in-between, etc. (while not negating the work of saints in and through them: past, present and future, without which, JESUS’ Helpers’ Office wouldn’t have eventuated, yet needing to emphasize the main mission, Jesus’, as opposed to any denominational or subsidiary mission (taking pre-eminence) and reminding even those of JESUS’ Helpers’ Office that the main mission (Jesus’ pre-eminence) is the main mission, must so be!)).) There is not a limitation, pre-eminence or protection of one’s religious background (denomination of choice), work (one’s denominational income) or insights (current teaching(s)), above the oversight, directions(s) and covering of the spirit of GOD, with the accompanying reliance on his protection, provision and knowledge. (Sub-committees are possibly helpful! (Even incorporating those of non-Christianity!))


Jesus’ Governing Party is a party for involvement of those committed to the governing of Jesus today.

  • The Party is committed to:

    • Resisting the Devil:

      • Not allowing the rule of Satan in any area;

      • Binding any satanic endeavours against Godly government (when God governs Jesus can be seen in government [Jesus is manifest: God with us]).

    • The fulfillment of the ministry of Elijah:

      • The liberation of all those captivated by the deceptions of the Devil;

      • The removal of those things God hates;

      • Government anointed by God that remains faithful to that anointing.

    • Doing the will of God as it is in heaven:

      • Opening the eyes of the blind (to the purposes of God in their lives);

      • Opening the ears of the deaf (to his voice to them).

    • The fulfillment of the work of the Body of Christ.

  • The Members are committed to:

    • Jesus ruling through them:

      • Resisting all other influences (no matter how noble or religious);

      • Making their relationship with Jesus pre-eminent in their lives;

      • Developing that relationship;

      • Pleasing Jesus in all they do;

      • Avoiding all activities that don’t;

      • Letting the influence of Jesus pass through them to all they govern.

    • Resistance to all of Satan's endeavours in their lives and their world.


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