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Helpers’ Office

This is a unique offer of supplementary activities to compliment and accomplish sensed needful tasks of the body of Christ in our world. It is an exploit that covers areas in unique style not presently undertaken yet seen called for in our time and in fact directed by and under GOD’S spirit’s leading (its only covering, protector, provider, is his spirit). While praising God for all his work through all his saints of the past present and future and with the acknowledgement that this exploit does not address many works necessary and stipulated as part of the full and necessary work of the body of Christ. Thus, Jesus' Helpers' Office experiences inter-dependence with the rest of the body of Christ as part of the one body: needing al other parts to fulfil their functions to enable effectiveness of other parts.

That is, Jesus' Helpers' Office is an attempt to incorporate new works under Jesus' headship, with the diversity of the holy spirit's gifts in the unity of the work of the body of the lord Jesus Christ, in our world, by his spirit, according to his word and at God's speed (willing that none should perish, but that all repent (and be healed (from rebellion)) and come (at his speed) to those lives pleasing to our creator GOD and consequently satisfying to his creation: our very selves (fulfilling our created purposes, both individually and collectively).

Jesus’ Helpers’ Office is not aligned with any institutions. However, it is seeking to fulfil a unique role in the Body of Christ’s work in our time and world. It does not negate the work of all of the body of Christ, past present and future, but continues their work, in our time, in our world, with due acknowledgement and praise.


You are invited to offer or seek help: as part of your personal (or your community of faith’s) seeking to fulfil your unique role in the Body of Christ: your unique role as part of our Father in Heaven’s plan of salvation for his creation.

(While not negating the wonder of the work done in all areas by all saints in all denominations, both past present and future, but rather praising God for that and continuing it: as his spirit so leads and enables, in acknowledgement of their contributions.)

Jesus’ Helpers’ Office is endeavouring to offer (by faith) opportunity for support or involvement that connects with the areas of:

Government, Jesus’ Governing Party. While acknowledging present ministries in this area: this work will necessitate all keen, to formally elect (vote for) Jesus’ representatives in this area of our shared community, as opposed to just those of a particular denominational character (as presently occurring (bless them for their endeavours!)). Also, it is of international scope and adaptability, while avoiding church-state arguments due to non-alignment with any institution;

English teaching, God’s Beautiful Family English School. This is a 7 levelled programme that acknowledges that many church groups present English teaching as part of their ministry and incorporate the gospel into that work: this programme differentiates in that its entity centres around the tower of Babel’s impact on our world regarding languages and God’s indication as to fullness of reconciliation within ourselves and between one another and with him, as being foundational in this area of our shared human existence. That is: this is in truth a call to global repentance, turning away from doing as we please, to pleasing God. One could say: a religious education programme Involving language (as a connector, emphasis and subject of main consideration!). That is, the emphasis is God’s beautiful family and their need to repent to their father and be reconciled to him and then to one another: to obey his voice (and be healed (linguistically (and every way)))! To emphasise language is to treat the symptom and not the cause (with consequences);

Legal assistance, Jesus’ Advocacy International. It is acknowledged that some endeavours are in place to provide such services in association with a denomination: however, this is unique in that it is not limited to, nor aligned with, any present denominationally-based endeavour, thus having greater capacity to assist those from all denominations (or none), and even those of other faith backgrounds (as many now do, yet this work’s non-association with any denomination liberates more fully) void of connotations of denominationally preferred doctrines. (In short, liberates to assist all (the only covering being God’s spirit, the only head, Jesus, while acknowledging secular requirements to function).). In essence, a ministry of peace-making yet in execution of judgement, seeking of truth and release from oppression (etc.);

Reconciliation, Jesus’ Reconciliation Counselling. Avoiding barriers to the work of the God of reconciliation: surrendering to him (not limited by denominational preferences, traditions or understandings (as indicated above, and in this precise generally));

Jesus’ based multi-cultural family-life, for those from other backgrounds, Jesus’ Family’s Reconciliation. In short: meeting people where they’re at, culturally, as did Jesus, Paul and disciples (after Pentecost), from:



Buddhism and

Hinduism (etc.).

That is, while endeavouring to incorporate our developing knowledge, insights and language from other cultures and faiths, with God’s wisdom. Incorporating: the seeking of the global actualization of God’s kingdom’s coming (Jesus’ Return Evangelism). The facilitating of the developing of a global knowledge of God, as revealed through Jesus, at God's speed, by all. In essence, binding Satan in our world, while moving closer to the only demonstrable victor over Satan: Jesus. Eventually moving into a realm where another gospel (another Jesus (God)) is not preached, but Jesus himself reigns (has pre-eminence). While acknowledging the good that God has utilised in many religious institutions (and using that) and at his speed, then, once used, continuing, until his Kingdom’s perfected. Then going on to minister to all groups, to the degree they have even become idolised from the Coptic faith, Orthodox, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah Witnesses, Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventist, the Salvation Army, Pentecostal-ism, Anglicanism, Lutheran-ism, the Uniting Church, the Churches of Christ, the Baptists and Presbyterian-ism (and all in-between, etc.). While not negating the work of saints in and through them: past, present and future, without which, JESUS’ Helpers’ Office itself wouldn’t have now eventuated: yet needing to emphasise the main mission, Jesus’ kingdom, as opposed to any denominational or subsidiary mission (taking pre-eminence) and reminding even those of JESUS’ Helpers’ Office that the main mission (Jesus’ pre-eminence) is the main mission and must so be! That is, to the degree any institution is an obstacle to God’s kingdom becoming unspotted by the world, it must not be acquiesced toward. There must not be a limitation, pre-eminence or protection of one’s religious background or insights (current teaching(s)), above the oversight, directions(s) and covering of the spirit of GOD, with the accompanying reliance on his protection, provision and knowledge.

Outreach to children, Jesus’ Purified Children. With an emphasis on safe environment: to enhance development (in following Jesus). This incorporates JESUS’ Junior Youth: a 10-phase programme leading youth (under 20’s) to being led by Jesus (individually and as a group). It also incorporates an understanding of other denominations and a coming to terms with God’s place for them (wherever they find themselves): enabling them to see the body of Christ as a whole, the function of their (and other communities of faith) in it, combined with a sense of individual and collective responsibility for God’s blessings toward them (as they learn to be led by his spirit, in relation with Jesus and all fellow believers everywhere (see above discussion)). That is, it endeavours to give insight into the whole of the body of Christ and to see one’s denominational background in that context;

Health assistance, Jesus’ Health Reconciliation Service (Incorporating: complete health actualization, in Jesus' Healing, Resurrection Ministry. Given over to living for Jesus: dying with him, experiencing his resurrection!). The development of a living faith regarding God’s healing, active without presumption: acknowledging that some may be yet undeveloped in their faith pilgrimage, as to a sole trust in God’s capacities in this area, so may be incorporating assistance from current available understandings and services in this area of our individual and communal pilgrimage (while acknowledging such assistance is part of God’s provision (as per all other realms of provision), calling for due gratitude (yet acknowledging God's desire to be our Healer and for trust accordingly));

A new economics, Jesus' faith Economics, providing services (as did Jesus) trusting God’s provision (as did Jesus): Jesus’ life economics. For example: an area of work that is particularly open to expansion into other ‘services’ is that of Legal assistance (Jesus’ Advocacy International): these services utilise skills demanded in our present cultural values, for the very activity in these areas (covering licensing requirements). That is, there is opportunity to carry out secularly credential needing tasks in a different spirit to that often confronted in our present world system: being in the world, but not of it. That is, the principles that facilitate this endeavour (as part of the Body of Christ) could be applied to other areas of human shared existence, such as plumbing, health services, electrical services provision, etc. These would be in a new realm of economics: where money was not loved, but GOD is GOD. Nor is the service of pre-eminence, but the life of Christ in us: shown by Jesus. Trusting in God’s provision: by faith;

Peace with environment (Jesus' Sustainable Ecology and Jesus' Sustainable lifestyle). An ecology God has already revealed and that incorporates his wisdom re earth, not rebellion against;

Peace at work (Jesus' Workers' Association). Jesus’ love for worker’s rights: in fullness of Gospel’s liberty without presumptuousness (unionism centred on Jesus (as a good and faithful servant, slave, son, minister, priest and king forever)). (At lowest possible profile, demonstrating God’s work at his speed, in the mundane of life, complimented by his power and love.)

In general, all these endeavours are in Jesus’ values: charitably, and if needed, without cost, in contrition and humility: Jesus’ Helper’s Office is not against the present religious institutions to the degree they're calling others to faith in the God of all creation. It acknowledges all their unique and important contributions to the beckoning of humanity from futile lives. However, it also acknowledges this beckoning is only given perfection of actualisation in the body of Christ of the past, present and the future (by faith). It is not presenting another Gospel, and is not against the presentations of much of that occurring in most churches as they also present the gospel. In fact, it welcomes similar endeavours as they occur in other religious institutions. However, it is opposed to that style of government (within any institution) that uses the forces of this world to institute action against others who are not in total agreement with itself (holding itself to be infallible). That is, Jesus' Helpers' Office is against all of that which is not ‘of’ GOD, or of his spirit or in agreement with his word (this needs to be stopped/resisted/abolished, completely (at God's speed!)).

While Jesus’ Helpers’ Office relies entirely on God’s provision, through whatever means he seeks to use, it wishes to remind ‘users’ of God’s judgements against Israel for their misuse and ingratitude for what they were freely blessed with at his hand; and the consequences for this. Jesus’ Helpers’ Office is completely reliant on God’s provision, including power and protection and duly warns all involved to accordingly give God due fear in their relationship with it. Perhaps remembrance of those who have abused God's provision through history may be useful, this being within the context of God’s patience, charity and forgiveness.

In short, Jesus’ Helpers’ Office exhorts all those who see the need to use what it offers as part of the Body of Christ, to use it with the respect God would have them give it. Jesus’ Helper’s Office is not working for Mammon (monetary gain), but for God: it is not seeking to gain wealth, but rather to store up treasure in heaven. It accepts Jesus’ life in all its fullness and acknowledges God’s absolute ownership of all, combined with our stewardship. This stewardship includes all God has bestowed to each of us: we are called to become living sacrifices for His kingdoms purposes in our individual and communal lives. It is only in doing then that we will sense accomplishment. In our service in and for his kingdom, we serve one another: trusting him with all our hearts and leaning not to our own understanding. In that context, we use all the resources God has blessed us with for His purposes, under his direction, as pleasing him. Such resources may include expert skills or academic credentials needed to perform certain tasks (such as advocacy in court, plumbing, driver training, etc.). In the fullness of the context here presented, this will not be based on the wisdom of this world as espoused by such credentials (though incorporating such credentials as may be required), but on the incorporation of God’s wisdom into the task needing to be performed.

That is, in short, Jesus’ Helpers’ Office will endeavour to be no more or less than a good and faithful part of GOD’S economy, his government: as demonstrated in Jesus’ life, where all involved serve one another as GOD enables and directs them, each trusting in him for his provision, in whatever form that takes. This is an activity that covers many realms not covered in similar style in currently available community of faith shared experiences: however, you may sense God’s call on your life is fully accomplished and in fact an essential part of his work in our world in your present endeavours, that’s great: praise the LORD!. Incorporated in this will be the basic acknowledgement that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; and that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Accordingly: serving those who are yet outside the Body of Christ, as God directs (no more or less) will also occur (with most probably, ungrateful responses, as experienced by Jesus). In fact, it will be acknowledged that reactionary persecution will be likely in such situations; the counting of the cost of such reaction from those still in ignorance, either by choice or otherwise will, as usual, need careful deliberation by all. Acknowledging that we are all learning, maturing, being made whole, also needs perhaps reminding: that is, we need to suffer one another in our progressive development, growth and maturation in our individual and communal pilgrimages. Journeys from fallen creatures to our fulfilling his image in us (pure as he (Jesus) is pure): in unity with God, our creator and his son, Jesus.

Offer: Jesus’ Helpers’ Office offers the opportunity to minister and be ministered to in a fully Christ-like manner, one that is dead to self and alive to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ being lived in each one of us. It is not limited by this information sheet or any declared program or activity, but has liberty that is part of the experience that can only occur in the presence of the Spirit of the LORD God Almighty. That is: Its work and those involved in it are not limited by its programme, but controlled by God, testing the spirits that they're his!).

In summary: Jesus’ Helpers’ Office is a service offered by grace through faith by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; to all peoples everywhere, until we all become all we were meant to be (like Jesus: his values, love, truth, etc.). That is, until all the curses and the ‘fall’ itself are dealt with fully in all our lives and in our world. Its functions are only limited by the desire to please GOD: in all it does (in every way). It: will not use the forces of this world (as Jesus didn’t). It will fulfil Adam and Eve’s ‘call’, as Jesus did: doing God’s word without deviation, as testified to, in and by nature, in scripture and in ourselves (our conscience). It is committed to do all to resist temptation(s) to seek other (worldly) alternative(s); overcoming as Jesus overcame (and was not overcome). Doing all to attain to God’s perfection of pleasure; his way, completely: developing skills (gifts) accordingly (by faith, as led by his spirit), and exhorting others with necessary skills (gifts) to become involved.

End of work: Jesus' Helpers' Office will no longer need to exist when individuals arrive at that point in their own spiritual 'healing', development, where they are directed by God totally on missions as he directs for them. That is, Jesus' Helpers' Office is just a resource, a tool (or channel) used by God to assist people to this point. To assist them, in a spirit that incorporates liberty: into Jesus' fold, his office, his work. Without infecting this process with its own dogma, but allowing that liberty that allows for perfect release to this perfection of fulfilment. The Final Goal: this is, the life of Christ in us: God in us. His love, joy, peace, gentleness, patience, sorrow, grief, patience: all allowed free expression in us. In fact, it is to allow the liberty of the expression of God's pleasure in us, to all its fullness: this is the final goal of Jesus' Helpers' Office. Its final end, its finish, the completion of its function, is this production in all involved, of that liberty to begin the release and liberty in all individuals and communities themselves, from themselves, to become all they can (God in us). This only occurring as our Father in Heaven's allowed complete expression in us, in totality.

Final clarification: Jesus' Helpers' Office is not limited by its own self (its boundaries, limitations, endeavours); but is open to all the fullness of God: it allows itself to be absorbed by and subject to God; engulfed by him and completely in submission to his complete pleasure; without any reservations of any form. The aim of Jesus' Helpers' office is thus for itself not to live in truth at all: but that the Lord Jesus Christ is given full scope to live his life in it. In fact, for it to become as Jesus did, God incarnate in its world, no more or less. It has no authority except his authority: given by God, no existence except at his pleasure. It has no life except his, no love, except his, no power other than as given by the Lord God almighty: it's his! In short, JESUS' Helpers' Office with all associated, belongs to GOD!

As to its connection with other endeavours of declared Christian form; this stance should create no conflict, other than that it does not acquiesce to complete submission to any of their individual or corporate forms. This will potentially be seen as offensive and likely to cause reaction quite possibly of similar reaction to the religious establishments of Jesus' day toward himself. That is, this will be to the degree they themselves lack this totality of surrender of their lives to his. However, it is hoped there will be a commitment on the behalf of all to fulfil Jesus’ parting wish: “ … suffer one another until I return .. “.

Thus Jesus’ Helpers’ Office acknowledges the tendencies of the old fallen nature to continue in the believer (even). That is, Jesus’ Helpers’ Office acknowledges the universal tendency of all established organised institutions to defend their existence, regardless of other dynamics that may be present, even the presence of Jesus himself (in one another). This is presently a continuing natural tendency until we are cleansed and healed from the fall and its consequences. Jesus’ Helpers’ Office is committed to the non-allowance of this quality in its own functions. It will so do, by grace and give glory to God, in total surrender of its existence to God’s provision of resources, direction, and capacity for continuation. In short, a foundational principle for the individual body will also apply here: “ … even though he slay me, yet will I trust him …”. That is, Jesus’ Helpers’ Office has no independent existence separate from God’s complete pleasure’s fulfilment. It is not of this world, it is of the spirit. It is not imprisoning but liberates to Jesus’ life in us! It acknowledges the contributions of all past present and future workers in Jesus’ kingdom: those of his spirit who have worked to carry out his mission here on earth, for which they’ll be duly rewarded, acknowledged and fulfilled (though experiencing persecution). Thus, if you are seeking a more ‘real’, living and visible sense of Jesus in your life (in whatever form), then this is perhaps for you: within the same context that Jesus offered involvement with himself (it will cost everything).

You can contact Jesus’ Helpers’ Office in Sydney, Australia

Phone: 0416 1855 08. Internet:

Post: C/- Jesus' Helpers' Office, GPO Box 783 Sydney 2001.

Donations: JESUS' Advocacy International: Australian and New Zealand Bank, BSB 012 110 Acct 2690 15125 (For every day usage covering all expenses concerning JESUS' Helpers' Office)

Jesus’ office was to:

“ … preach good tidings unto the meek; … to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;

To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.”

JESUS’ Helpers’ Office helps (is co-worker) in this office’s fulfilment: its accomplishment, at God’s speed, in the context of God’s patience, mercy and loving-kindnesses, etc.! Occupied, waiting and ready for Jesus’ manifestation of all his office: in person!

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