Jesus' Helpers' Office

Mission / Vision

Vision:  GOD'S eternal purposes for all (yourself included), fulfilled, perfected, purified (praise the LORD! Amen!).

Mission:  to see what GOD is doing in this (his) vision's fulfillment (in our world and time) and to get involved in this work (GOD's loving kindness incarnate (alive in us (Christ in us)). 

Allow free-will use of all connected with, for God's pleasure!








First is the Holy Spirit’s leading in one’s life, accompanied by the word of God and pleasing the Father.


This may include other works having ultimate priority at times.  This may include a feeding program in famine, a fire fighting team, support of persecuted, etc. Otherwise, the work of Jesus’ Helpers’ Office should have priority over such as the works of other religious institution works, normally.


While one may have an established love for a group, that should not over-ride obligations per above.

To do Jesus' work and greater, according to his word.  Not neglecting to visit those in prison and ill, to assist strangers and those in need of a cup of water, etc. (by grace, glorifying him and demonstrating his spirit in flesh, resisting all spirit's not of him.)

Acknowledging that: in ignorance, we'll be crucified, even in God's time, as was Jesus.

Given-over to the service of others as part of God's eternal salvation plans. Even as others, in wrong beliefs reject us (even to death).

In his loving-kindness!

Under his loving guidance as mentioned under priorities and specificically, making sure his spirit (of truth) alone leads all done.

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