Jesus' Helpers' Office


workers’ associations:


To provide workers as led by the holy spirit, in the spirit of Jesus’ as pleasing God (trusting in him for provision for them (and Jesus’ Helpers’ Office)).

To fulfil the works of Jesus and greater, with love, joy, peace, etc..

That there be no limitation to the many diverse works of Jesus:

  • According to God’s economics: his provision, in the context of the manifestation of gracious giving of the Body of Christ;

  • Including the gift of giving that demonstrates Jesus’:

  • Cheerfulness,

  • Willingness,

  • Discernment of actual enablement,

  • Fullness of consideration,

  • Generosity,

  • Trusting God’s provision,

  • Sacrificial giving: that calls on manifestation of trust in God’s provision,

  • Spirit of giving as opposed to law thereof,

  • Based not on how much can I give but rather how much should I;

  • In the fear of God that incorporates a full delight in doing his will;

  • To demonstrate working for God as opposed to money;

  • To resist that spirit founded in the love of money.

This is part of the body of Christ, as part of Jesus' Helpers' Office and needs to be in like spirit in totality.

You can contact Jesus’ Helpers’ Office (in Sydney, Australia) on:

Phone: 0416 1855 08.

Internet: JesusHelperRGC@gmail.

Post: C/- Jesus' Helpers' Office, GPO Box 783 Sydney 2001.


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Send cheques or money orders, or via Direct Deposits (or via any branch of relevant bank):

JESUS' Helpers' Office Trust Account: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, St James 202110564160 (BSB 062-021 Account number 1056 4160 Account title ROBERT GEORGE CHRISTIE ITF JESUSf HELPERSf OFFICE)


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