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Jesus’ Advocacy International has served the community for around 15 years in Civil Law matters largely, with, in essence:  there being no fees necessitated (glory to God (bless all supporters)).


There are around 15 areas of service for Jesus’ Helpers’ Office, so time to give to other areas is needful.  In fact, studies in health, theology and Criminal Law are in progress.


Thus, there is a need for others to support the work of Jesus’ Advocacy International (preferably admitted solicitors):  as God inspires them (I pray).

(In need:  volunteers (solicitors).)  This is a service that has been free of charge (yet appreciative of donation to cover service-provision costs where there's capacity so to do (by clients or others so inspired)):  to those who are encouraged to desire above all else to please the one for whom they were created.  It is a service leading to unity with our creator (reconciliation with him) that incorporates a willingness to die to self (our self in rebellion from our creator) and to allow the life of the Lord Jesus Christ to dominate (engulf, govern) our lives (to live, in ourselves). 

It has provided for around 15 years (now needing solicitor) a mechanism of legal service,  consisting of a qualified lawyer, who is an admitted solicitor, in a formal legal service providing registered entity (JESUS' Advocacy International) to prepare documents or represent in court, as may be necessary:.  This all thus is to enable such a person, of such commitment, to address and if necessary, confront those law-related issues that may call for solution in their lives. That is, involving the application of the life of Christ to their problems, in a manner that (by grace) is in a format that is able to work in current legal structures. 

That is, JESUS' Advocacy is an entity that is formally accredited as a participant in the world of law, whilst not being of that world representing Jesus in it.  That is, this is not in competition with the present legal services available, and in fact does not provide the same service as occurs in the community generally (while acknowledging the current state of affairs in ‘the world’):  It is Christ-centred;  it incorporates all the requirements upon those in the Christian faith to be in the world but not of it.

In short, its main emphasis is the responsibilities we have as Christians in the maintaining of the foundational principles of the faith, that is, the preeminence of these (a free-will choice), even in confrontational situations.  However, it does not neglect to assist those it may be enabled to (and who have no other recourse): within the fullness of the context of Gods love for all.

Also, Jesus Advocacy International will not neglect the general tenor of scripture that would seem to support a general exhortation against litigation in general and divorce in particular: the New Testament of course implying complete self-sacrifice that entails dying for enemies:  for their salvation.  Jesus Advocacy International, as with all the functions of Jesus Helpers Office, acknowledges that the law of itself is inadequate; it needs the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ to overcome and reconcile to a degree we all need in every situation. Because of this reconciliation availability it is only reasonable that in turn, those receiving such reconciliation should endeavour to respond to use their presence in time on this earth to facilitate the reconciliation of Gods family with himself. That is, to encourage as far as they are enabled, the reconciliation of Gods wife (Israel) to himself and his children (all peoples everywhere) to himself also. This is only a dutiful response; and all in receipt of the benefits of this service, need to demonstrate a life-commitment accordingly; this is only fair and just; to be neglectful in this, would be provocative of Gods wrath, and just grievance in regard to themselves.

COST: of course, legal services are costly. They involve much expense. By faith, through the grace of God (and his provision), this service will be provided free of charge, within the context of the spirit in which it is offered. It would be expected that contribution would occur as enabled.  ALL BY GRACE:  GLORYFYING GOD!

(Jesus’ Advocacy International will not expect all seeking its services to be fully matured people of faith. Adjustments, with patient suffering, but also warning, will endeavour to be fully given in such circumstances, where discerned needful (God willing): there needing to be acceptance of all seeking this service, of the temporal and eternal consequences of free-will choices. Thus, Jesus’ Advocacy International reserves the right to withhold its service or to indicate limits of the service (where it deems necessary).  Additionally, as in the life of Christ, so in this Jesus Advocacy International: there needs to be the presence of: the willingness to suffer, to demonstrate charity in spirit and in truth and to seek the wellbeing of others.  While also allowing for Gods capacity to order as He pleases: in the context of our surrender to His perfect will (by faith).  There will be acknowledgement of this world’s (legal) system as it is and acquiescence to it, as pleases God (as Jesus would acquiesce): incorporating a willingness to suffer at its hand if God so directs (or to avoid such if directed.  The agreement of the Word, Spirit and God the Father will be diligently sought in each phase of the legal process:  as it is sought to be reconciled to the needs of the clients seeking the services of Jesus’ Advocacy International.)

Funding: the LORD God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, will fund, as he sees fit, Jesus Advocacy International: it needs no other financial supporter, though he may see fit to use such financial support, as and when needed. If God sees fit to use others to contribute to the running-costs of the Jesus Advocacy Service, that is between them and God; if not he will provide by whatever mechanism is best (by grace).

Protection: to the degree Jesus is the coordinator of Jesus Advocacy International, it will be protected as much as he sees fit: it will also allow itself to be as vulnerable as He sees fit (while not testing God).

Legal coverage and insurance: Jesus Advocacy International will be run within the requirements of any legal office, with the necessary insurance coverage(s).

Quality of service: Jesus Advocacy International will endeavour to provide service that will enable the storage of treasure in heaven: gold, silver and precious stones: it will consequently be of that standard. That is, its value will be centred on the heavenly, as opposed to worldly values.

The love that Jesus demonstrated in His life as indicated in His relationship with those in authority: perhaps needs special noting here. Jesus Advocacy International does not see itself as being a friend of this world system. However, it is committed to Gods will: the coming of all to repentance in His time, His patience, not according to our own desires. This may well lead to suffering as in fact Jesus did (our own crucifixion) at the hands of this world and its democratically selected government with its mechanisms including its legal mechanisms.

The need for forgiveness and suffering of wrong(s) perhaps needs noting also, as this is often the motivation for litigious actions. That is, the role of charity (in truth) needs a fullness of acknowledgement in any action or phase of action in the legal processes generally and specifically.

Jesus' Advocacy International will exercise loving-kindness, judgment and righteousness. It will not treat justice as a subjective non-physical concept, changeable with contexts: but will acknowledge that we each know justice in truth and that in reality, Jesus was the only truly just human; without incorporating him, justice will remain dysfunctional. That is, to the extent the systems of dispute resolution in our world exclude him, it is beyond their capacity to fulfill its requirements. Jesus' advocacy International will be committed to doing all it can to incorporate Jesus, his justice in truth, in all endeavours.


The binding of Satan and his endeavours against the saints could be said to also accomplish the above.  This requires the discerning of the Body of Christ (as opposed to any organized religious body).  (Wrestling not against flesh and blood, but:  principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places, in Jesus' spirit.)


Freely received, freely giving, trusting in God’s provision.



A Summary:


Giving in service as Jesus gave (to the unrighteous sinners), whilst ensuring the fulfillment of individually ordained responsibilities (as Jesus did to Mary (his mother)); giving all as he did, being a blessing to the world in which we live as he was to his (and the world to come and before).  All this in the context of being despised and rejected by the systems of this world:  to the degree they continue in actual (true) ignorance (as to their action impact (their continuation in a status quo of natural rebellion against Gods way)).  With a commitment to accomplish the fulfillment of prophesy for our time in Gods eternal program of salvation, willing that none should perish, as indicated in Isaiah (and elsewhere):  giving the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, with the oil of joy;  whilst generally:  doing the will of God on earth, as done in heaven.

It is hoped to concentrate on Criminal Law matters:  to assist the most needy as enabled, by 1/4/22 (God willing).  It is hoped to do additional studies (Masters, Forensic MH), some supportive donations most appreciated (as God enables!). 


International interests are welcomed!


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