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This work will become complete upon the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to earth. It will incorporate, the presenting of the opportunity for all peoples everywhere, to connect with lives that are in spirit and in truth leading:

  • To our total release from our one's past errors;

  • Into those fulfilling purposes our father intended;

  • Through that relationship with our father in heaven, that was demonstrated in Jesus.

That is, it will not be until we fulfill the roles given to Adam and Eve: to do God's will and resist all temptations to do otherwise. That is it will not be until we will, in truth, desire Jesus' rule: that we will in spirit and in truth say: "blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD".

That is, we need to fully desire to be pure, as he is pure, so that when we see him, we will be like him, pure as he is pure. We need to have that resolve that will not accept the submission to disobedience to God in our world in any circumstances. A resolve that is completely committed to God's pleasure's completion in our own lives, in our world.

This will be in the context of this world's envy of our mastery of our creation and our world as God intended: with its consequent desire to kill (crucify) us, as Jesus.

With God's patience: aiming to please him in the wonder of people coming to repentance.  (That none should perish!)

You can contact Jesus’ Helpers’ Office (in Sydney, Australia) on:

Phone: 0416 1855 08.


Post: C/- Jesus' Helpers' Office, GPO Box 783 Sydney 2001.


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